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Hawaii Destination Wedding Photographer| Thankful.

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Aloha!  We have been living on O’ahu for a little over 2 weeks now.  It has been an adjustment for me, I’m not gonna lie, but every time I am at the beach, my heart is full and at peace.  I enjoy immensely watching my keiki’s (local terms for kiddo’s) play in the water, make sand castles, see fish swim along side them.  We’ve had quite an adventure so far and we are slowly settling in.  My keiki’s started up school and they are enjoying making new friends and getting back into a routine.  My husband has started his new job and already has flown to Kauai to start a new project.  I am flying to Maui on Saturday to shoot a beach wedding and I am very excited!

hawaii, destination wedding, oahu, maui, photographer, beach, family, beautiful

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 Today is a day to be thankful and I have much to be thankful for.

1. Thankful for my husband who holds me in the number 1 position.
2. Thankful for my 3 kids, without them my life would not be inspired and a lot less joyful.
3. Thankful for my mom, her endless display of love is more than I can ever ask for.
4. Thankful for my love of photography and how I see the world through my lens.
5. Thankful for my sister Renee, I just love her.
6. Thankful for my technology to keep me in touch with those near and far.
7. Thankful for safe shelter, food to eat, and clothes on my skin.
8. Thankful for my family’s health and well being.
9. Thankful that today is a beautiful day.
10. Thankful for the Lord.
I count my blessings and am grateful.
Wishing you a blessed and loving Thanksgiving Day.
Much Aloha.

xo, ~j

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